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Zoom In is a family business that serves other families. We offer pregnancy photography, baby photography, child photography and family portraits. Let us help you capture your special moments with images that you’ll treasure for years to come.

We’re here for you. We can help to document your child’s journey, from their mother’s pregnancy to their birth and their first steps all the way to their high school graduation.

Everything we do, we do with great care and respect. We offer our planning, photography, pricing and client support with honesty, transparency, and professionalism.


Although we are completely at your service, we have found that people’s homes are the best settings for beautifully authentic family photos. The comfort, privacy and easy familiarity of home have a remarkable effect on the wideness of people’s smiles. We’re happy to be flexible, but we’ll always recommend that you use your home for family photo sessions simply because it’s yours.

The key to creating fantastic and vivid memories is fun, and we want you to have lots of it when we’re photographing you! Of course, we can also shoot at the hospital for births or at other venues for other special events. Read through the Our Packages for Your Bundle of Joy section for descriptions of our photography packages.

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