Pregnancy Glow: How to Prepare for a Maternity Photoshoot in Dubai

Ever since Demi’s 1991 nude pregnancy photos, expecting mothers have been dreaming of the perfect maternity photoshoot. While it may seem like yet another thing on your growing to-do list, by keeping a few simple tips in mind you can have the maternity shoot of your dreams!

Read on for insider tips on setting the scene, looking your best, and including the whole family in your maternity pictures.

Aim for the 31 to 36-week window

From the moment you find out you’re pregnant, the dreaming and planning begin! Suddenly you become anxious to take on everything from decorating your nursery to creating your registry. Chances are it’s the same for your maternity photo shoot.

Still, we recommend resisting the urge to book your maternity shoot too early. Nothing looks lovelier than a nice, round baby bump, and by doing the photoshoot too soon you risk looking less “maternal goddess” and more “ate too many tacos”.

On the other hand, you also don’t want to wait too long to do your maternity shoot. The last month of pregnancy is notoriously miserable, and it’s likely you’ll want to be off of your feet and relaxing while you still can.

The 31-36 week window is the perfect time to capture that maternity glow without cutting it close to D-day.

Show Off that Bump

When choosing what to wear for your maternity shoot, try to avoid clothes that are too loose and flowy. A maternity shoot is a celebration of your pregnancy, so show off that nice round belly!

Go for form-fitting maxi dresses or even fabrics that can create a peek-a-boo effect. Feeling frisky? Try a boudoir shoot that shows off your baby bump in some sexy lingerie.

Keep Your Knickers in Mind

Speaking of lingerie, no matter how much you plan on showing it’s important to plan your underwear ahead of time. Underwear that’s too tight or bunches up in areas can make rolls that draw attention to places you don’t want it to.

Do a “costume check” beforehand and be sure to take a picture instead of just checking the mirror. Often details will show up in a photo that we tend to miss in the mirror.

We suggest leaning towards cheeky boy shorts and away from binding thongs. There is also shapewear designed specifically for pregnant women so you can feel comfortable and sexy at the same time.

Shine On

Still waiting for the infamous pregnancy glow? We all are. Fear not, there are ways to fake the glow for your shoot that will look natural in photos.

Using a bit of moisturizing skin oil beforehand can help bring out the shine. You can also add on a bit of bronzer to create a glow worth showing off.

Pick a Theme

Step out of the box by picking a unique theme for your maternity shoot. Many families choose a theme that’s special to their family by incorporating a favorite sports team, movie, or hobby.

Whether you choose to go full on Star Wars or rep your home town, even your little one will love looking back on the photos that show off your families personalities.

Involve the Whole Family

There’s no reason why the whole family can’t get in on the maternity shoot fun! Get future siblings excited by making them “coming soon” signs for the baby. You can even have grandparents, aunts and uncles involved.

You can create family t-shirts with their new “roles” printed on them, or simply do a family lineage shot that makes for the perfect keepsake. The pictures can be a great way to incorporate your families faces into the baby’s new nursery.

Choose Colors that Compliment

When planning out your colors for your maternity shoot, it’s recommended to choose colors that compliment each other. Primary colors like yellow, red, and blue look stunning when paired with toes like violet, cranberry, and earth tones.

Other popular color combinations include yellow and orange, red and violet, blue and violet, blue and green, and yellow and green. Mustard, cabernet, and olive are also colors that compliment the maternal form while creating that “pregnant goddess” look.

Embrace Your Mommy Bod

Last but not least, take some time to embrace your mommy bod. We know, easier said than done. Mommy bods come in all shapes and sizes, and there’s a chance yours doesn’t match the flawless beach ball physique found on pregnancy magazines. Guess what? Most mommas don’t have that look either. That doesn’t mean you can’t love your mommy body anyway!

Found some new stretch marks? Flaunt them. Pregnancy weight brings out a little extra cellulite? Who cares? You are in the process of making human life, and there’s nothing more gorgeous than that.

Remember, you’ve survived morning sickness, unsolicited advice, and the nesting phase! Embrace your fierceness and pose for that camera.

The Number One Way to Prepare for Your Maternity Shoot

The most important way step you can take in preparing for your maternity shoot is finding a photographer you trust and feel comfortable around. At the end of your pregnancy, it’s easy to feel emotional, self-conscious and downright tired! Finding a photographer that understands this and can still bring out the best in you is vital!

We are dedicated to making your maternity pictures perfect and will be with you every step of the way as we capture this beautiful season of your life. To start planning your maternity shoot contact us today.

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