Ready for Your Close-Up? What to Bring to Your Dubai Newborn Photography Session

What to Bring to Your Dubai Newborn Photography Session

When your newborn comes into the world, your life is changed forever. 

However, it’s at this moment when the time will fly before your eyes and you may be left struggling to hold onto the memory of these special days.

As you’re going to feel exhausted for the first few years of your child’s life, it’s important to document memories and capture the feeling of being a new parent in order to cherish them after the fact. 

Hiring a photographer is a great way to ensure you capture these precious moments perfectly.

But, safe to say, you have enough on your plate without adding the stress of a photo shoot. To make life easier, here’s what to bring and how to prepare for your Dubai newborn photography. Let’s take a look: 

Prepare For The Photo Shoot Early

You’ll likely have booked your photo shoot a few weeks in advance. But, don’t leave preparation until the very last minute. 

Start thinking about what you would like from your photoshoot. If you have a particular idea about the shoot, take a few inspiration images with you to show your photographer.

(Although, hopefully, you’ll have done your research and know what to expect from your photographerin advance!)

Early preparation can involve anything from purchasing props you’d like to include, buying baby clothes, buying yourself clothes or getting your hair cut a few days in advance.

You may also want to consider getting your nails (fingers and toes!) done and buying more makeup than you may currently own (the camera may wash you out so it’s worth wearing a little more than usual.)

The Day Before and Of the Photoshoot

Make sure you have everything you need so you’re not rushing around on the morning of your photoshoot. 

You should also try to ensure that both you and your little one get an early night so you’re in a good mood, look fresh and feel camera ready.

Burp and feed your baby just before you leave the house or start shooting to avoid any meltdowns. 

What You Need to Remember:

Now, let’s take a look at everything you need to remember to take with you. This isn’t an exhaustive list but it will help remind you of a few necessary items.

1. Food

Your newborn needs to be fed every couple of hours. Although your shoot won’t last for a whole day necessarily, it may last for a couple of feeds. 

Therefore, you need to have everything necessary to feed your baby. Make sure you’re comfortable while breastfeeding by bringing a pillow. Or, don’t forget the formula!

If you’re at home for your photo shoot, you may want to stock a few biscuits and tea in case you need a soothing break. 

2. A Change of Clothes

Have you planned your own outfits? Remember, the attention isn’t on you as much as your little one, so don’t wear anything too out there (unless you want to, that is!)

By wearing something which is chic yet reveals some skin, you’ll get natural parent-baby bonding photographs. 

You may also want to change what you’re wearing or even do a couple of breastfeeding/nude shots. Consider chatting to your photographer about your vision before the day of the photo shoot so they can advise you on what to wear. 

As for your baby, you may choose the natural route and for them to be naked during the shoot. Or, swaddle your little one for a few peaceful sleep shots. 

Something which is not recommended is that your baby wears a diaper as these are not photogenic. Instead, purchase a cloth diaper if you want to include one. Alternatively, check out Ruffle Butts.

3. Your Baby’s Favourite Things (So Far…)

Of course, your baby is unlikely to truly have chosen anything as their OWN yet. They’re too small for that. 

But, maybe you’ve chosen something for them which will be important to them when they’re older.

Perhaps a new teddy bear, a hand me down item of clothing, a present from a grandparent or even a significant piece of jewelry. The choice is yours. 

You may also want to bring blankets and pillows from home for your baby to rest on, providing a backdrop which is familiar. 

4. Someone to Help 

If both parents can’t attend, then having someone else to help, whether it be a friend or family member, will make a huge difference on the day.

If you have someone who can help dress your baby while you change, or hold them in between shots, you’ll be very grateful!

Although your photographer will certainly be patient and kind, just having another calming influence at the shoot can help put you at ease (and make tea while you’re posing!) 

5. Distractions for your Other Kids

Are you unable to get a babysitter? Don’t worry, your other kids can certainly come along too. But, you may want to bring some very engaging activities for them so that they’re not distracting you. 

For example, think iPad, headphones and the best TV show around! This way, they won’t even want to steal the limelight from their new sibling.

6. Diapers, Wet Wipes, and Towels

It’s likely that, already, you never leave the house without your diaper bag, buggy and wet wipes, but we put it on the list just in case!

Babies can be messy and having a wet wipe on hand to quickly mop up that spit up will make for a much better picture.

Dubai Newborn Photography is the Perfect Way to Cherish a Memory

No matter how tiring the photography session is, when the pictures come back, it will all have felt worth it! You’ll be left with a beautiful image to keep forever.

Still not sure whether you want a newborn photography session? Check out this blog post about why it’s so important.

Once you’ve read it, you’ll definitely want to cherish the first few months of your baby’s life with a photo session. Get in touch today for a Dubai Newborn Photography quote, we can’t wait to hear from you. 

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