The Zoom In Promise

At Zoom In, we understand that family is to be respected, honored, and protected. After all, we’re a business created by parents for parents. We understand how special your family’s journey through life is from the joys of pregnancy to the miracle of a first cry, from those initial stumbling steps to the high school graduation. We know how deeply important it is to preserve these memories both in your mind and through photographs. 

Your family not only as the focus of our lens, but also as the focus of our entire approach. Our discrete, on location shoots offer complete privacy, personalization, and convenience. Our team of all female photographers shoots wherever you need us, whenever you need us. After a comfortable and enjoyable session, you will receive the most beautiful set of studio-quality images that belong only to you. No watermarks, no hidden fees, and no fuss – only guaranteed satisfaction.

Why Zoom In?


As a family business that serves other families, we have an unwritten code of ethics. We do our best to protect you from any questionable practices or anything that could leave you feeling as if you didn’t receive good value for your investment.

We are confident that we offer the fairest pricing on the market. Call us today to find out why we say we offer our clients more than any other company in the UAE.

We believe in being very clear about what we provide and what we charge. Based on the photography package you choose, you’ll receive high resolution images without an extra fee. There are no hidden costs. As you peruse our various offerings, you will notice that our photography and print packages are inclusive of all services and costs.


We understand the importance of privacy, especially when it comes to your loved ones and your home. We take great care to respect and protect your privacy.

Based on our respect for cultural norms and preferences, we made a conscious decision to hire only female photographers.

As part of our Privacy Promise, we agree that you are the sole owner of your images. We promise that we’ll never reproduce your images for commercial purposes or share your images with any outside individuals or companies unless you explicitly request that we do so.


We know how demanding life can be for parents, so instead of asking you to come to us, we come to you! We make your life easier by traveling to photograph you at the location of your choice.

No matter where you are in the UAE, we can arrange a visit to your home, the hospital or to your special event to capture significant family moments.

Children grow and change so quickly, and we believe it’s important to commemorate their different phases, ages and accomplishments.

That’s why we offer pregnancy photography, birth photography, hospital photography, children’s photo shoots and family photo shoots at your home or a location of your choice anywhere in the Emirates.


Every aspect of our work is shaped by our desires to make sure we live up to our clients’ trust and to ensure that our clients are satisfied.

We chose every Zoom In employee and photographer very carefully. All of our photographers are women. From the moment you contact us with an enquiry all the way to the post-production process, you will be treated with the same friendliness, helpfulness, understanding and professionalism.

We want your experience with Zoom In to be unforgettable for the very best reasons!